Tandem HF



Tandem™ HF is an acellular biomaterial derived from the culture of human cardiac fibroblasts. Cardiac fibroblasts are a cell type found within the heart which are responsible for the deposition and maintenance of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins. ECM proteins provide a natural structure or frame work for cells to attach too.


Tandem™ HF is rapidly populated by adherent therapeutic cell types. Once the ECM-cell suspension is injected into the heart, the ECM fragments are large enough to lodge in the interstitial space, resisting being pumped out of the heart. In addition, therapeutic cell survival is significantly increased as anoikis is reduced and cells have a “launching pad” from which they can infiltrate and integrate into the heart. Tandem™ HF ultimately increases cell retention, survival and integration thus increasing the efficacy of cells delivered.