• Cell-free product that is immune privileged and can be administered to any recipient without the need for immunosuppressive medications.
  • Modulates immune cells called macrophages to express healing properties.
  • Product formulations have been intelligently tailored to the clinical application factored together with practical, patient-centered, considerations for its therapeutic delivery.
  • Produced as an injectable particulate or patch where the sizes can be easily tuned, depending on the clinical application.
  • Particulate formulation is compatible with 27G or larger bore needles including long, steerable, needle-tipped catheters both injected alone and in combination with stem cells.
  • Binds effectively to all cells, including stem cells. These bonds improve the retention of injected stem cells by preventing their rapid egress via vasculature and lymphatics in the beating heart.
  • Thin, pliable patch formulation, which is currently a little larger than a contact lens, is easily handled by surgeons during application on the heart surface. Applied as a patch does not require sutures or glue.
  • Constituent proteins are well-defined, and our production methods yield a highly reproducible, scalable product that is shelf-stable at room temperature, and that is ready to transition to a cGMP manufacturing facility.