Company Overview

Cellular Logistics Inc. (CL) is focused on helping patients who have experienced heart damage by creating a way to treat them where none existed before, restoring heart function and enabling them to live longer, healthier lives. We believe that fundamentally changing the way heart failure is treated will create significant value for patients, physicians, payers, and investors.


Our mission is to commercialize Tandem™ HF as a companion to cardiovascular cell therapies; improving efficacy, delivering the right therapy to the right location and ensuring retention.


The company’s executive management and board directors have strong records of accomplishment advancing the development of complex biological products and commercializing them in equally complex markets. CL’s management and advisors are experts in heart failure, intervention cardiology, and cell therapy. These physicians and researchers also have decades of experience designing and executing the types of pre-clinical and clinical studies that are required for the company’s success.


Located in the Madison, Wisconsin, Cellular Logistics resides in one of the premier scientific ecosystems in the world for cell therapy and regenerative medicine.