Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States and worldwide. While conventional pharmaceutical treatments slow progression of cardiac disease, there are no approved therapies that fundamentally restores damaged heart to a healthier, pre-injury state. This significant unmet need has prompted international scientific and commercial interest to develop regenerative therapies, including stem cell and biomaterial technologies to reconstruct the natural building blocks of the damaged heart. Cellular Logistics’ CFX™ biomaterial is at the leading edge of this innovation.


CFX™ is the first of its kind therapeutic biomaterial manufactured using induced pluripotent stem cell technology. Local administration of CFX™ can prevent the pathological changes that lead to heart failure following an acute injury such as myocardial infarction. Additionally, CFX™, in combination with therapeutic stem cells, can remuscularize scarred myocardium to restore heart function in chronic heart failure.


While CFX™ offers several commercial opportunities, our focus is to deliver a highly effective and safe product to early and late-stage regenerative medicine companies who are similarly interested in producing and marketing therapeutic solutions to fundamentally address the cardiovascular disease epidemic.


Located in the Madison, Wisconsin, Cellular Logistics resides in one of the premier scientific ecosystems in the world for cell therapy and regenerative medicine.