Cellular Logistics Adds to Scientific Advisory Board

Cellular Logistics Adds to Scientific Advisory Board

MADISON, Wis., July 20, 2021 – Cellular Logistics, a Madison-area company that hopes to create new ways to restore heart function and help patients with heart damage, has appointed Philippe Marchand as a new member of their Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Mr. Marchand, a biosystems engineer, brings 25 years of experience in both early startups and medical device companies to the SAB. He worked at Edwards Lifesciences where he developed three generations of the RetroFlex delivery system, a method of using catheters to perform heart valve transplants. He also joined a neurovascular startup where, prior to its acquisition, Mr. Marchand assisted in the creation of a new way to treat brain aneurisms. In his most recent role prior to Cellular Logistics, Mr. Marchand was an engineer for Blue Rock Therapeutics and responsible for all drug delivery systems which included a cell delivery matrix. He holds Bachelor’s and Masters’ degrees in Biosystems Engineering from McGill University.  

“I thought it was a really smart idea both in terms of deliverability of the product and what it could do,” said Mr. Marchand when discussing his excitement for the future of Cellular Logistics. “You know you’ve got something really good when you talk to someone and they say, ‘Oh yeah, that just makes total sense why didn’t I think of that?’” 

The addition of Mr. Marchand to the SAB will bring valuable knowledge in product development as Cellular Logistics continues to work toward important milestones in the development of Tandem HF. 

About Cellular Logistics 

Cellular Logistics, Inc. is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals suffering from cardiovascular disease. CL was founded in 2016 by a multi-disciplinary clinical and scientific team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. Our company vision is to help create a world where a new generation of therapies can reverse the debilitating symptoms of heart failure; dramatically reducing re-hospitalization and enabling patients to live longer, healthier lives. Our product, Tandem™ HF, holds the promise of revitalizing a damaged heart and creating unique combined therapeutic approaches for the world’s leading cause of death. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, CL resides in one of the premier scientific ecosystems in the world for cell therapy and regenerative medicine. 

Press Contact:  Alex Vodenlich, alex@cellogistics.com