Cellogicus™ Cell Delivery Platform


Cellular Logistics has developed a novel cell delivery platform. When combined with a therapeutic cell line, Cellogicus™ dramatically improves post-injection cell retention. Most stem cell treatments fail because the implanted cells die (anoikis) or are transported out of the target area by natural body functions. Cellogicus™ is easily co-incubated with a variety of progenitor cell type, including allogeneic bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells, allogeneic induced pluripotent stem cells, allogeneic epicardial progenitor cells, allogeneic embryonically derived arteriolar progenitor cells and allogeneic macrophages. Small animal testing has demonstrated significantly improved localized cell retention and survival rates. The Company is actively seeking collaborative partnership to develop combination regenerative medicine therapeutics.




Cellogicus™ is a powdered extracellular matrix (A) that is reconstituted with an injectable solution containing a dose of therapeutic cells (B). Adherent therapeutic cells rapidly attach to Cellogicus™ (C) creating a platform that lodges within the wall of the heart from which the therapeutic cells can exert their targeted effects. The therapeutic cell population can now be delivered to the damaged heart via cardiac catheter or needle and syringe.

Cellogicus™ addresses the challenges of stem cell therapy in the heart


Unique protein composition anchors cells within the wall of the heart


Innovative material provides the right attachment points for cells

Inhospitable environment

Creates a microenvironment suitable for cell survival and immune cell tolerance



Laboratory testing in rats has shown that cells delivered with Cellogicus™ (yellow cells) significantly increase retention in the wall of the heart following injection compared to cells injected without Cellogicus™ (blue). This video demonstrates the stark difference between cells delivered with Cellogicus™, which are maintained in the wall of the heart while the cells injected without Cellogicus™ are rapidly regressing out of the heart, which is apparent by their presence in the vascular (tube-like structures).